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Mission & Vision

Mission, Vision, Diversity, and Confidentiality Statements


The Texas State Counseling Center provides high quality mental health and prevention services to promote the overall well-being, retention, and success of our diverse student community. As part of our role in higher education, the Counseling Center also contributes to the advancement of the mental health field through the training of graduate students and emerging  professionals.  Our work is guided by professional ethics and standards, appreciation for differences, and culturally informed clinical practices.

Maximize student success in college and beyond by providing responsive and effective support, education, and mental health care.

The staff of the Texas State Counseling Center are committed to the continued development of awareness and appreciation for individual differences within our diverse university community. We value diversity among our staff and clients and endeavor to be a positive force on campus as students, staff and faculty explore their own identities and beliefs about diversity. It is our intention that the Counseling Center be an emotionally safe and respectful environment for members of the Texas State community. To this end, we strive to provide quality services which are sensitive to diversity of all kinds including age, gender, race, ethnicity, ability, religion, sexual and gender identities, and values.

All aspects of your participation in counseling at the Counseling Center, including the scheduling of appointments, contents of counseling sessions, all contents of counseling records and outcomes of counseling are confidential by state law. A confidential record of the counseling services provided to you will be maintained by the Counseling Center, as required by state law. If you are participating in couple’s counseling, a separate record is kept for each individual, and all confidentiality policies apply independently to each record. Only the specific individual may have access to his or her file. If you are participating in group counseling, group notes are kept and distributed to each individual file, and all confidential policies apply independently to the notes for each individual. An individual may have access only to her or his independent notes. Your counseling record consists of both paper file and electronic database components. All parts of your record are highly secured, physically and/or electronically, and are protected by the same confidentiality and privacy laws.


For the Counseling Center's full and complete privacy and confidentiality policy please click here.