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Making an Initial Appointment

If you need crisis support, are already an existing client and want to make or reschedule an appointment, or need to consult with a clinician, please call 512-245-2208.


Counseling Center services are available to enrolled students while classes are in session at no addition change.  Students must be enrolled in the current semester in order to be eligible for counseling.

At your first appointment, a clinician will recommend appropriate sources of support.  The recommendations may include scheduling brief individual (every 2-3 weeks) or group therapy at the Counseling Center. It may also be using our on-line services or a referral to more appropriate campus or community resources.  This includes referrals for frequent, longer-term, or specialized therapy or a medication evaluation.

We understand your situation is unique and cannot be fully described.  In our effort to best serve each student, we request that you read the common concerns listed below so that you can appropriately identify which appointment type you need. 

*If you are seeking Group Counseling or Couples Counseling, please call 512-245-2208 for assistance.

Therapist Assistance Online

Therapist Assistance Online, an interactive, dynamic, and easy-to-access online program is available to the Texas State community and provides skill building exercises in support of anxiety, depression, and other common concerns.