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Initial Consultation Appointments

When initiating counseling services, common concerns supported through a Initial Consultation appointment include, but are not limited to:

  • I am having relationship(s) problems or recently experienced a break-up.
  • I am having panic attacks.
  • I am experiencing anxiety and/or stress.
  • I feel depressed and/or have low mood/energy.
  • I am concerned about my alcohol and/or drug use.
  • I am having difficulty adjusting to a recent change.
  • I am unsure about something significant in my future.

Please review the following stipulations before scheduling an initial consultation online: 

  • You will be prompted to choose an appointment time after completing paperwork, which takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • Initial appointments are held via phone.  Please ensure you are in a private space in Texas, are stationary (you cannot be driving), and expect a blocked call at the time of your scheduled appointment.  
  • If you were seen previously at the Counseling Center during the Spring 2022 or Summer 2022 semester, please call 512-245-2208 to schedule an appointment. You do not need to complete online paperwork.
  • If in the PAST TWO WEEKS you have had thoughts of hurting or killing yourself or someone else, or if you have experienced a traumatic event (e.g., assault, loss of loved) please call 512-245-2208.  Do not proceed with online scheduling.  For more information, visit our Crisis Appointment page.