Other Consultations (Faculty, Staff, Parent, Friend)

In case of medical or mental health life threatening emergency, call 911.

The Counseling Center staff provides information and other consultative services to persons who are having concerns about students well-being and/or behavior.

If you would like to speak to a clinician directly, you may call 512-245-2208 and identify yourself as someone concerned about a student and your relation to that student such as parent/family, staff, faculty or student. You will be connected to our on-call clinician or a message will be taken and you will receive a return call.

It may be helpful for you to know that the Counseling Center offers both Crisis/Urgent Support to students if a student has any concerns about their safety or have experienced a recent traumatic event. Click here to read more.

For faculty and staff:

  • Counseling staff can consult with faculty who have concerns about a student.  Please call us at 512-245-2208.  You will be connected to our on-call clinician or a message will be taken and you will receive a return call. 
  • If you meet with a student in person you can always inform them of these appointment options, have a student call from your office to schedule an appointment.   If you are unable to meet with them, you can share this information by email.
  • When students are in emotional distress, it can be hard to talk about it with them. At Risk is an online, self-paced training for faculty and staff that will help you recognize signs of distress and ways to approach students to offer support and resources. It takes only 30 minutes and you can save your progress and return to it at your convenience.

Texas State University Faculty and Staff have access to a dedicated phone line to reach TimelyCare for guidance in supporting students who are in distress by calling 833-4-TIMELY or 833-484-6359.

Mental Health Resources for staff, faculty and their family can be found here: https://www.hr.txst.edu/worklife/bobcatbalance.html


Clinical Services

for students


Self Help & Resources
The Counseling Center provides a wide variety of resources that are excellent sources of information to help individuals with mental health concerns or needs. Self-help materials are not meant to be a substitute for therapy.


Education and Development for Faculty, Staff, and Students
Through educational programming, workshops and trainings, develop skills and abilities for student success.