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Through educational programming, workshops and trainings, develop skills and abilities for student success.

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Learn to Know the Now

Have you ever wanted to learn better ways to handle stress and difficult emotions?  Perhaps you have wondered how to improve your ability to concentrate or listen.  Simple, daily mindfulness practices offer opportunities for these benefits and many more!  Mindfulness techniques bring your awareness into present moment experiences and have been linked with student success and wellness. 

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Emotional Intelligence

This professional development program will review emotional response patterns and provide interpersonal skills. The strategies discussed will provide insight on the connection of thoughts, behaviors and emotions. As a participant you will gain tools that can be utilized within your personal and professional relationships.

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Monthly Spotlight


Anxiety Friend or Foe? 

This workshop will help you recognize when it is helpful versus when it is unhelpful, and identify coping skills to help manage anxiety when it becomes overwhelming.

Run time: 35 minutes

Presented by: Alyssa Fernandez, Psy.D.- Counseling Center

A Closed Captioning option is available for this presentation.

Presentation recording is posted here