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Consultation and Recommendations

If you require accommodations due to a disability in order to participate, please contact the Counseling Center, in person at LBJSC 5-4.1, by phone at 512-245-2208 or via email at

Initial Consultation

The Initial Consultation is required for students who have never received services at the Counseling Center.  This process is also appropriate for students if you were seen prior to the current academic year.

At your first appointment, a clinician will recommend appropriate sources of support.  The recommendations may include scheduling brief individual (every 2-3 weeks) or group therapy at the Counseling Center. It may also be using our online services or a referral to more appropriate campus or community resources.  This includes referrals for frequent, longer-term, or specialized therapy or a medication evaluation.

Appointments can be scheduled online up to two weeks in advance.  Due to heavy utilization, if no appointments are available, please return to this page the next business day.  New appointments are released daily.

Online scheduling is only available during business hours.  You will need up to 30 minutes to complete data entry and then you can select your appointment time. Please allow enough time for this process.  Data entry will time out after 45 minutes.

For best results:  Please use a computer with Chrome as the recommended browser.  This process is NOT smart phone compatible.


Texas State University has partnered with TimelyCare, a service that offers free, on-demand mental health services directly to our students via use of the TimelyCare App.

Returning Client

If you were seen previously at the Counseling Center during the current academic year, please call 512-245-2208 to schedule an appointment. You do not need to do the initial consultation and complete online paperwork.  If you are unsure, our staff can clarify.

Round Rock

All Counseling Services are available to students on the Round Rock Campus, either virtually or in-person.  Students can call 512-245-2208 for more information.

Community Resource Coordination

If you have received a recommendation for counseling in the community, prefer weekly or need specialized counseling off-campus, or are seeking an evaluation for medication, information and resources are listed HERE to assist you with the process.

Counseling Defined:

Curious to learn more about what Counseling involves?  Select one of the following types of Counseling to learn more!