Postdoctoral Residency


We appreciate your interest in our Postdoctoral Residency.    If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.


Dr. Alyssa Fernandez


The postdoctoral residency provides recent doctoral graduates with a full year of supervised clinical experience required for licensure as a psychologist in most US states. The residency is designed to help postdoctoral residents hone skills needed for independent practice as generalist psychologists. Career development is fostered through participation in Counseling Center professional activities, engagement with intern and practicum training programs, and the ability to develop a specific area of clinical or professional interest.


*Dedicated training staff who utilize an apprenticeship model of supervision

*Release time provided for professional development activities

*Generalist training

*Ability to develop an area of clinical interest/focus


Weekly supervision is comprised of a minimum of two hours of individual supervision. 

Postdoctoral residents also attend weekly CC staff meetings, take part in psychoeducational and outreach programs, and serve as consultants as needed.  Additional time is available each week for learning activities, paperwork and administrative responsibilities, professional development, preparation time, or other duties as assigned.

The following is a sample work week, which may vary by semester:

16 hours Counseling (individual, group, couples/relationship)
2 hours Initial Consultations
4 hours On-Call/Crisis Coverage
2 hours Individual Supervision
2 hours Learning Activities (clinical review, Postdoc Consultation, research lunch, and/or independent study)
1.5 hours Staff Meeting
12.5 hours Administrative Tasks/Documentation/Professional Development