Events & Workshops

Self-Love with the Counseling Center

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Pick up a Valentine's gram or make your own while learning about Counseling Center services. 

Monday Feb. 13, 2023, 2-5p @the HUB in LBJ Second floor

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Anxiety: Friend or Foe

Anxiety can be useful in helping us gain motivation or recognize danger, but it can also make things difficult when we experience too much anxiety. This presentation will define anxiety, help you recognize when it is helpful versus when it is unhelpful, and identify coping skills to help manage anxiety when it becomes overwhelming. Snacks provided.

Friday Feb 17th 2 PM; LBJ 4-1.9

Social Media and Mental Health

This presentation focuses on the impact social media has on our mental health.  Students will be able to identify how social media is valuable in their life, how their mental health can be affected by social media and ways to practice and maintain good mental health while continuing to utilize social media. Snacks provided.

Monday Feb 27th 3 PM; LBJ 3-21.2

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Speed-Friending Event

Meeting new people can be a challenge. Join a round of speed-friending for a chance to build meaningful and long-lasting friendships with your fellow Bobcats.

Thursday March 2nd  5:30-7:30PM at George's (1st Floor LBJ)

Test Anxiety? You're Not Alone

Test anxiety is a common student experience. Let’s talk about it and learn techniques for identifying, managing, and succeeding through it! 

Tuesday Mar 21st 1:30PM; LBJ 3-21.2


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Learning to Manage Your Stress

This presentation will cover how stress impacts our daily lives and provide methods to help alleviate stress along with plans for stress reduction. We will also discuss resources available to currently enrolled Texas State students.

Monday March 27th 3 PM; LBJ 3-21.2

Dating in College Tips w/ Cupid

This presentation will cover several relationship/dating topics and tips including communication skills, ghosting, boundaries, conflict resolution, and characteristics of healthy versus unhealthy relationships. Students will be better able to identify their values in relationships and cultivate more satisfying connections in dating.

Thursday April 6th 3:30 PM; LBJ 3-21.2

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Grief: We Can Talk About It

This presentation will explore grief as a universal human experience. Learn ways to better understand your own experiences of grief and strategies to foster a new relationship with emotions such as sadness, guilt, and regret.

Wednesday April 12th 3:30 PM; LBJ 3-21.2

Finding Focus for Finals

This presentation will cover different learning styles, creative study techniques, the importance of sleep, and how to recognize and manage procrastination, stress, and even depression. It will also touch upon helpful test-taking strategies along with some interesting research on cognitive load and growth mindset.

Wednesday April 19th 3:30 PM; LBJ 3-21.2

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