Finding a Provider/Counselor and What to Say

In-Office/In-Person and/or Online Therapy-Telemental Health

(the titles of counselor and therapist are used interchangeably)

• Go to the chosen therapist search website. Put in your local zip code and you will get a list of providers and their profiles. Often, you can also filter for your insurance, issues you want to address in counseling, and other preferences.

• Most insurance websites have a ‘Find a Provider’ or ‘Doc Find’ search tool. Look for ‘Behavioral Health’ providers and then search for all mental health or behavioral health providers

  • Individual, Couples, Family Counseling:  Psychologist (PhD or PsyD), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

    Counselor in training:  They are required to meet regularly with a supervisor. They will have the titles of Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate (LPC-Associate), Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Associate (LMFT-A). Most often these providers are not able to accept insurance.

    Medication Management: Psychiatrist (MD) and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners (PMHNP)

    Psychological Testing:  Some Psychologists will do testing/assessment and a comprehensive report with diagnosis and recommendations.  

Various Websites/Databases to Search

Providers may provide in-person and/or telemental health services.

Some therapists may be listed in multiple places.

Providers may choose/pay to be listed so all providers may not be represented.

Various Filters allow for searching for specific preferences and needs.

Review your options and narrow down your choices to a few names.


To Find A Telemental Health Only Provider

  1. Telemental Health Company/Platform
  2. Community Provider who is providing Telemental Health Services.  The websites/Psychology Today, etc. are not current as to who is in-person versus Telementalhealth so the best method to confirm is to ask the counselor directly.  Several of the links to these providers are shown.
    1. Many are continuing to conduct counseling via Telemental Health.  
    2. Opens option to go in person also
    3. Opens access to counselors in other parts of Texas who may be a good fit for the student

Your insurance company may also use a specific platform/provider.  You can go their website or call the number on the back of your insurance card to learn more.

Reaching out to Potential Providers-What to say

Helpful Hints:   When calling for a counselor, remember you may have to leave a voice mail. You could choose to email them rather than call. Keep in mind, email is not a secure form of communication so you would want to limit the story you include in an email. Whether talking to someone, leaving a voice mail, or sending an email, you will need to include the following information:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Call back number
  3.  Brief topics you want to address in therapy (ie. anxiety, depression, trauma, etc)
  4.  If you have insurance or need sliding scale
  5.  If they will return to in person versus continue with tele-health
  6. Request a free consultation phone call

Script:  to say/paste into email:

Hi! My name is ____________________.

My call back number is _____________________.

I am a student at Texas State University.

I am looking for individual therapy to address __________________________(ie. anxiety, depression, trauma, etc).

I have/don’t have _____________________insurance or need sliding scale.

I prefer _______________ (in-person or telehealth or doesn’t matter).

Please let me know if you are taking new clients and when we can do a consultation call to talk further. Thank you! Good Bye!